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We live our lives through our nervous system. A beautiful sunset. The sound of a baby’s giggle. Producing the exact amount of stomach acid to digest dinner. Running to catch a bus. Savoring the aroma of freshly baked bread. These are the many expressions of your nervous system. If your nervous system doesn't work right, you don’t work right. And when you don’t work right, you’re not healthy.

Like a circuit breaker, physical, chemical, and emotional stresses can cause disturbances and alter the function of your nervous system. These nervous system disturbances are called subluxations.

In this office, we use sophisticated equipment to help detect patterns of subluxations. Our care recommendations are based on your scans and other examination findings. They will serve as objective guidelines by which to monitor your progress and appropriately modify your care. For some, progress comes quickly. For others, the healing process takes longer. Regardless of the speed of you recovery, your health is our number one concern.

The doctor will perform 2 nerve tests with you on your first visit:

Surface EMG

The Surface EMG exam evaluates the function of the muscles that support your spine. These muscles are controlled by nerves. This test shows the pattern of how energy is distributed through theses muscles. The exam helps identify area and patterns of abnormal tension and stress. By precisely measuring muscle activity, your progress can be followed as your care progresses.

Thermal Scan

The Thermal Scan is used to assess the part of your nervous system that helps to control your organs, glands, and blood vessels, the autonomic system. The instrument does this by precisely measuring differences in temperature differences along the spine. Since proper function of your organs, gland, and blood vessels is essential to healing and living well, this test gives your doctor a ‘snapshot’ of how this portion of your nervous system is working and how it is responding to care.

There are certain behaviors that can compromise the accuracy of your scans. Please avoid the following before your first visit:

Drinking coffee, tea, and cola drinks.
Over-the-counter, prescription drugs and muscle relaxers.
Excessive exposure to the sun.
Bath salts, oils, or sunscreen.
Vigorous physical activity.

Do these tests hurt?

NEVER. The tests are completely non-invasive; they do not use any needles, electrical shock or heat. They are designed to receive information from your Central Nervous System.


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